Delfiini has not been made yet. These are the targets it should meet.


Vehicle suitable for daily tours. Trips to work, school, kindergarten, hobbies and visits. Inexpensive to buy and run or car share. Safe enough. City-friendly. Daily tours.

Range must be 100 km in any conditions. In optimal it will do 200 km. Ride is like in any car.


Vehicle has seats for two, in a tandem. There is room also for briefcase, shoppings, sports bag and similar.


Price will be under 10 grand. Electric vehicle (consuming about 4 kWh/100 km) 'fuel' costs will be low. There is little to maintain in it.


Small car is easy to drive, especially in city. You can plug it in every socket (min. 10A). Full normal charge will last 2-4 hours.


It will do all-right in Euro NCAP. Additionally it will manage moose test over 60 km/h.


There are no direct emissions from the vehicle. It is quiet. It will take very little space, both parked or in move, even less as a shared car.